Meet Autumn

Autumn - Hair Extensions Specialist

My thirst for knowledge and education are what drives me to continue to grow in this industry. With the knowledge, I am able to show clients how to let go of things they dislike about themselves. The bonds built with my clients are much deeper than surface level, we create a whole new level of inspiration and confidence – crafting individualised solutions for each of them.

As much as I love helping all of my clients, I also love helping stylists ignite their inspiration to stay engaged with their passion.  Seeing stylists light up with new knowledge is like watching myself learn all over again – and it ignites that same fire within me! It is an honor to help other stylists connect more deeply with their clients – reaching more financial success in the process.

I am a true believer in “Pay It Forward” and I am grateful for the key people who have contributed to my knowledge and experience over the years. I have blessed to learn from some of the best in the business and want to continue to share and inspire other stylist to grow their passion and education as well. In any business it is important to set yourself apart, through educating yourself and keeping up on the latest and greatest trends you will be able to offer your clients the best service possible.

My passion today is just as strong, if not stronger than it was in the beginning of my career. Even after 26 years, I am still amazed by the talent and the education we have available to us! In this industry we have a responsibility to our clients to continue learning and growing, and to keep that fire burning within us! Through learning and supporting each other to be our best, we can provide the best to our clients. Supporting other stylists in their growth and hunger for success is one of the greatest highlight of my life and it will always keep the fire burning inside of me.