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Our revolutionary hair extension system is here to change everything you thought you knewabout hair extensions. With GL7, you can now unlock unlimited possibilities and unleash your creativity like never before.

Our ground breaking technology allows you to do 7+ hair extension techniques using just onehair type. This means you can offer your clients a variety of styles and looks without the needfor multiple hair types or inventory. By repurposing the same hair extensions, you can save on costs and increase your earning potential.

With GL7, distributors and salons can significantly reduce overhead costs by keeping less inventory on hand. The innovative Skin tool takes the guesswork out of extensions, making it easy for any hairdresser to offer the latest trends and transform clients’ hair in under an hour.

Join us in revolutionizing the hair extension experience. With GlamLocks Pro GL7, you can change the game, increase your earning potential, and offer your clients endless options with minimal inventory. It’s time to embrace the future of hair extensions and let your creativity shine.

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    About Our Story

    Glamlocks, Beaded, Sewn-In Extensions Training Course To be the best you must learn from the best! Autumn is always learning and sharing knowledge from over 25 years of experience. This photo is from a recent one-on GLAMLOCKS BEADED SEW-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS certification. Who wants to learn more about this amazing technique? Autumn Morris and Waatani Norris combined have over 48 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the salon industry and are certified in OVER 15 HAIR EXTENSION TECHNIQUES. Autumn and Waatani have combined their knowledge and skills to develop the GLAMLOCKS answer to the growing trend- advanced beaded extensions with lockstitch, designed to be effortless, light-weight and secure. Their certification training offers you exclusive knowledge in mastering the art of sewn-in hair extensions! Autumn and Waatani have removed all the guess work, sharing with you how to achieve the MOST NATURAL, LEAST DAMAGING and LONGEST LASTING hair extensions to offer your clients. One of the most tried-and-true hair extension methods has been totally updated and revamped by the GlamLocks team to create the absolute BEST method in the industry! We've always known the numerous benefits of the classic hair extension method known as "hair