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To be the best you must learn from the best!

Autumn is always learning and sharing knowledge from over 25 years of experience. This photo is from a recent one-on GLAMLOCKS BEADED SEW-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS certification. Who wants to learn more about this amazing technique?

Autumn Morris and Waatani Norris combined have over 48 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the salon industry and are certified in OVER 15 HAIR EXTENSION TECHNIQUES.

Autumn and Waatani have combined their knowledge and skills to develop the GLAMLOCKS answer to the growing trend— advanced beaded extensions with lockstitch, designed to be effortless, light-weight and secure. Their certification training offers you exclusive knowledge in mastering the art of sewn-in hair extensions! Autumn and Waatani have removed all the guess work, sharing with you how to achieve the MOST NATURAL, LEAST DAMAGING and LONGEST LASTING hair extensions to offer your clients.

One of the most tried-and-true hair extension methods has been totally updated and revamped by the GlamLocks team to create the absolute BEST method in the industry! We’ve always known the numerous benefits of the classic hair extension method known as “hair weaving”— but NOW we’ve made it MORE streamlined and accessible. While, of course, we always suggest the most natural look for your client, with the GlamLocks Beaded, Sewn-In Hair Extensions technique, not only is the fullness is unmatched, but it also has a fast and convenient removal and replacement process that’s easily maintained and comfortable to wear, while creating less tension (resulting in less hair loss). While we’ve created our method to be easy to learn, fine-tuning the application process was a result of our 20 years experience— starting in a Senegal braiding salon to becoming an expert in fifteen hair extensions techniques.

The GlamLocks Beaded, Sewn-In Hair Extensions technique has been meticulously and precisely tested. We excel in numerous ways, including:

  • The type and size of bead used (for the safest and most secure hold while being small enough to stay hidden)
  • Dividing of the tension into two sections to balance the grow out and minimize pulling
  • The direction that we sew.
  • The way we lock stitch, cross stitch, and slip knot to secure the weft as we sew to create the most secure and flattest result possible. 
  • How we create our anchor knots and final knot
  • The type of thread and how it’s doubled to  makes the process faster, safer and more secure
  • How we begin in the front on both sides so there is no “bad side”
  • How we cover the bead with the hair
  • Securing the needle through the weft to prevent slipping. 

While there are several hair extensions companies with a foundation that appears similar to ours, that’s where it stops— our method is much more detailed and accurate. See for yourself! What are you waiting for?


  • How to sew and lock stitch correctly⠀
  • Benefits of having a “stop and re-start” point to separate tension⠀
  • How to secure to make the rows last longer⠀
  • How to create a natural fall to the hair⠀
  • How to custom color hair wefts⠀
  • Extension placement⠀
  • How to cut and blend extensions⠀
  • The best resources for supplies needed problem-solving⠀
  • How to identify which method is best for your client