All about the base


In this video, you will receive a free tutorial that was shot by Mr. Waatani, showing one of his favorite secrets that he uses for his braided base. I hope your clients enjoy the comfort and security as much as his clients with this braided technique.

The base is the foundation that the Weave hair is attached. The base for the weaving technique is as important as the hair placement. The base determines how the weave hair blends with your clients hair, how the hair will fall and where. The base should create a smooth appearance. A proper base could make the difference between a weave that last two weeks or one that last for two months.

Corn rolls/French braids are the most popular method for creating a secure base the smaller the braids the smoother the finish will be. Each role has two corn rolls each starting a half inch from the hairline and meet at the back of the head and secured in the center by a rubber band and secured with thread. Not a ponytail!